Night School with

Laura Hulleman

The Brand You Are

Join us for this powerful conversation on how to get more clients through effective branding. 

Thursday, October 13, 2022

6:00-7:00 PM CT

Even small mistakes in your branding are costing you big time. If you are guessing at your branding, or hiring a branding company that isn't using proper techniques, the mistakes that are made will cost you time, energy and money to fix. But also, bad branding doesn’t attract the clients that support and pay for your products and services. In this night school, Laura Hulleman will help you learn a new perspective on branding.

You will learn why it’s so important to:

  • Stop following all the rules of branding!

  • Stop branding your business!

  • Stop picking colors you love for your branding!

The Brand You Are

Night School Faculty

Laura Hulleman

Laura Hulleman, the creator of the Endotype Formula, is a powerful truth teller. Her superpower is helping people believe that being themselves as they are designed is more than enough. 

Laura spent years researching and recognizing the patterns that created the Endotype Formula, the most comprehensive and advanced personality assessment available at this time. Right now she takes coaches and entrepreneurs on an adventure into their Endotype Formula to improve their businesses, embody their brand identity, and attract their ideal clientele. 

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